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Winner Winner Chicken Leg Bone Dinner

Winner Winner Chicken Leg Bone Dinner for Dogs!

(scroll down past diatribe for “Winner Winner Chicken Leg Bone Dinner for Dogs” recipe) While perusing one of the Italian Greyhound groups on Facebook, someone noted that they had just pressure cooked a bunch of chicken leg bones for their Iggies with a photo.  I thought “that sounds like it is dangerous!”  All I have […]

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Supplements & Nutrition

Coconut oil benefits for dogs

Coconut Oil Benefits for Dogs

Coconut oil has many benefits for dogs for both internal and external use. I do not feed the boyz (Italian Greyhounds ranging from 10-20 pounds each) more than 1 teaspoon a day.  I do have one that is quite a picky lil guy and he doesn’t care for it unless it is mixed with something […]

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Crazy Dog Lady Musings

Yogurt Health Benefits for Dogs

How Much Homemade Food To Feed Your Dog

Homemade dog food doesn’t exactly come with feeding instructions like packaged food.  You should always consult with your veterinarian for feeding guidelines and making sure your homemade food is nutritionally complete for your dog breed. Here is a quick calculation for feeding your dog homemade food:   Take your dog’s weight x 16 x .03 […]

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Banana Coconut Pie Kong Recipe for Dogs

Banana Coconut Pie Kong Recipe for Dogs

This recipe only needs 3 ingredients:  plain yogurt, banana & coconut oil.   It is made with human grade ingredients found in your kitchen & is delish and nutrish! Kongs are a great way to keep busy puppies busy and perfect on a hot summer’s day! If your dog likes all the ingredients in this […]

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Freezable Containers for Homemade Dog Food

Freezable Containers for Dog Food

If you are going on the journey to make homemade dog food, you are likely not going to make them homemade food for every meal.   I make HUGE batches of food at a time.  The food I make yields approximately 16-20 pounds of food which is 8-10 days of food for my 3 Italian […]

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