Food Dehydrator for Homemade Dog Treats

Puppilicious Dehydrated Banana Treats

A food dehydrator is great to have on hand to make dehydrated homemade dog treats.   It is very simple to use even though the cooking time is long. The best part about this is the cost savings when you make your own treats.  Thin cut steak on sale (such as a chuck cut) is so […]

Freezer Space for Homemade Dog Food

Containers for Homemade Dog Food

You will need a significant amount of freezer space since you more than likely will be cooking more than one dog meal at a time. I cook 16-20 pounds at a time just to get it over with and for convenience.  This yields 8-10 days worth of food for my Italian Greyhounds. We use an […]

Freezable Containers for Dog Food

Freezable Containers for Homemade Dog Food

If you are going on the journey to make homemade dog food, you are likely not going to make them homemade food for every meal.   I make HUGE batches of food at a time.  The food I make yields approximately 16-20 pounds of food which is 8-10 days of food for my 3 Italian […]

Meat Grinder for Homemade Dog Food

KitchenAid Meat Grinder for Homemade Dog Food

In order to make your own homemade dog food for the cheapest amount of money – you will definitely need a meat grinder! I save a tremendous amount of money buy NOT buying already ground turkey, chicken, pork and beef.  It has also opened me up to more homemade dog food possibilities also as it is difficult […]