Dehydrated Banana Chips Recipe for Dogs

Dehydrated banana chips are an easy and quite nutritional treat for our puppies.Puppilicious Dehydrated Banana Treats

One of our Italian Greyhounds loves bananas and can hear the banana peel open from across the house.  Another is OK with regular bananas and the other hates them.

I made dehydrated banana chips with the food dehydrator and they all love them and love them extra crunchy!

All you need to do is slice bananas and put them on the dehydrator rack for 8-10 hours on the fruit setting to make them extra crunchy.  The time it takes will depend on how thick you slice the banana and the type of food dehydrator you have.  The fresher the banana, the easier it is to slice thin.

Dehydrated banana chips are another way to give your dogs snacks inexpensively and you KNOW what is in the snack!

I store them on the counter in a bowl for either human or puppy snacks.  They certainly don’t last long!

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