Homemade Beef Jerky Recipe for Dogs

Our dogs LOVE homemade beef jerky a lot!

They go bat shit crazy when we have a batch brewing in the food dehydrator.  Vitto loves to be the “palace guard” protecting “Queen Beef Jerky” whenevHomemade Beef Jerky Recipe for Dogser we have a batch cooking.

It makes absolutely zero sense to buy beef jerky treats at the pet store:

Reason #1 is cost savings!  You are paying $10-20 a pound for chicken or beef jerky treats.  I find super thin sliced beef shoulder clod or beef chuck at the Mexican market for less than $3 a pound on sale.

Reason #2 is safety!  You do NOT know what is in the packaged beef jerky treats you buy at the store and what country the ingredients are sourced from.

Homemade beef jerky for your dogs is so inexpensive and best of all you know you are serving your pups human grade food!

To make homemade beef jerky for dogs:

3 pounds of thin sliced beef (I use thin sliced boneless shoulder clod or chuck)Homemade Beef Jerky Recipe for Dogs

1 scoop Clear Conscience Super Gravy mixed with 1/2 cup water for marinade


Slice beef into strips & pieces appropriately sized for your dog’s breed

Dredge beef in Super Gravy marinade

Set on food dehydrator rack

Dehydrate according to manufacturer instructions.  Usually 4-8 hours on the meat setting for my Nesco dehydrator.


  1. Juli Vosmik says

    Thanks, Renee. I’ve never heard of “clod” or Clear Conscience. Help, please!!!! Okay, I supposed I could be less lazy and look them up on the internet. Can’t wait to try this. I’ll send you mine for chicken jerky!!!

    • says

      Clod shoulder is what I found at the Mexican market and it was sliced thin and cheap. The boyz love it. You can also use chuck thinly sliced! Thanks for stopping by Juli!

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