Pumpkin Benefits for Dogs

I discovered the benefits of pumpkin when I did some online research because I have a poop eater in my pack.  They do go absolutely insane when I open a can of pumpkinPumpkin Benefits for Dogs as if I have raw meat sitting on the counter.

Pumpkin Benefits for Dogs Include:

  • Poop-eating prevention
  • Fiber
  • Natural cure for both diarrhea and constipation
  • Additional vitamins

How to feed your dog pumpkin:

  • Buy cooked plain pumpkin – no spices
  • Use only 1 teaspoon a day at a time for dogs between 10-20 pounds to avoid Vitamin A toxicity
  • Feed with regular food
  • Give it to your dog right off the spoon
  • Turn it into a yummy kong treat


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